Welcome to T.H.U.G.S LONDON

Welcome to T.H.U.G.S LONDON

Welcome to T.H.U.G.S LONDONWelcome to T.H.U.G.S LONDONWelcome to T.H.U.G.S LONDON

Talented Humans Under Great Stress

Our Organization offers Skills Workshop, Inspirational, Motivational Speaking, an Mentoring

about us

Our Mission Statement

We are a Non Profit Organization. Our aim is to reach all the T.H.UG.S (Talented Humans Under Great Stress) in London and then the Surrounding counties. As T.H.U.G.S seems to be a negative word according to the dictionary, By taking this negative word and using it as an Acronym we’ve transformed it into a positive term. We want  to turn Followers in to Leaders, and Leaders in to Agents of change.


 Our Organisation offers arrange of skills workshops, Inspirational, Motivational speaking, Mentoring to help Unlock that hidden potential we all have, and much more!

We are also looking for other Organizations to partner with. So feel free to Contact Us for more information 


Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions to T.H.U.G.S London will enable us to meet our goals and help more people. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

Our Partners