Jasmine Lake

Jasmine Lake

Jasmine Lake


Over the last 8 years I've trained with Arleigh, the founder of T.H.U.G.S London and Body & Barz.  I had been involved in fitness for many years before meeting him but never felt I had the right tools to make it a career.  This was until I met Arleigh.  

His guidance and mentoring not only gave me the tools I needed to make the leap into a full time fitness career but the confidence to know I can also help someone make a positive change in their own lives. I continue to train with Arleigh and I'm still learning new things from him.  After 8 years, he's the only trainer who keeps me motivated and keeps me coming back, to get stronger, to exchange our knowledge and to learn more.

George Zito

Jasmine Lake

Jasmine Lake


My Calistenics and Mentoring journey started with coach Arleigh a few years back when I attended casual classes! Coach taught me a lot on the importance of Bodyweight strength and the beauty of learning many variations of pulling, pushing and core movements!

Calisthenics soon after became more than a casual training discipline and I continued to push my progress with Arleigh, and reached new levels that once seemed so far away when I couldn’t even do much with my own body. 

Training with Coach Arleigh inspired my Calistenics journey to what it is today and now I’ve realised how powerful the human body can be without any equipment even!

Hannah Harding

Hannah Harding

Hannah Harding


My name is Hannah, I am a single mother of two under 5's. I came out of a toxic relationship with my children's father just over a year ago and was left emotionally scarred in addition to suffering with panic attacks and anxiety. 

My first initial experience with meeting Arleigh was simply life-changing! since participating in regular mentoring sessions with Arleigh many things have changed for me. I used to waste a lot of time concentrating on the past which caused procrastination and was also focused on the abuse of which I endured over a long period of time. This in turn held me back and impelled me from moving forward. 

The negative mentality I had stopped me from being the best version of myself, I struggled to find motivation in things I once enjoyed, which blocked me from achieving and finding enjoyment in anything.  It was a challenge to implement change as I was so accustom to the pessimistic ways which somehow became part of me overtime, however my sessions with Arleigh across a 6 month period allowed me to understand more about myself than I have ever been able to in the last 10 years.

 I never once felt judged and was able to build a level of trust I never thought imaginable. The way I chose to spend my time is so much more purposeful, I have managed to find comfort in letting go of the past and moving forward. 

My sessions with Arleigh helped me to tackle deep rooted issues together with discovering my desired career and even taking steps to fulfil it. Honestly Its hard to think how I was only just 6 months ago, I was someone who had no vision who was extremely bitter from the past and quite frankly as depressing as it sounds I was going nowhere. Today I am totally different, I am focused on building a future, leaving a legacy and being a strong role-model for my two wonderful children.

Tom & Ciara

Hannah Harding

Hannah Harding


Arleigh truly is a legend. We look up to him as an athlete and an outstanding and very unique sports coach. When you go to his classes or are trained by him, something makes you want to keep going, to keep improving. He builds the hunger and determination to achieve more, and then he helps you achieve it! 

Arleigh, with his Bartendaz movement, really was the starting point of our Calisthenics journey 5 years ago. From the beginning Arleigh was encouraging and inspiring and made us hungry to improve in functional fitness. Chiara went from not being able to do a single pull up, to now being able to knock out 15 clean unbroken (even after just having our baby)! And I went from feeling like throwing up in his first class, to winning a Bartendaz competition put on by Arleigh in the first year of being coached by him. 

Arleigh has the ability draw out the talent and determination within people. He makes his training sessions interactive and creates an environment of team work where everyone supports and encourages each other. One of his mottos that we love is "together everyone achieves more (T.E.A.M.)" which is exactly what Arleigh is so about. Arleigh's classes always attract such a following of inspired, like-minded, determined people who become a family. I have met some of the best people through Bartendaz and Body and Barz over the years that remain my good friends. 

His approach is to build fitness and strength which starts from good, solid form, firm foundations and then builds from there. 

We owe a lot to Arleigh, he has been such a positive inspiration to us over the years and his guidance and encouragement has transformed our strength and fitness. When faced with challenges we often hear Arleigh's voice in our heads saying "just get it done, no excuses, just get it done!" We are more determined and confident people because of Arleigh.

Natalie Z

Steve Christophi

Steve Christophi


An inspiration to say the least. Arleigh wants to see everyone around him succeed not just in training but in life. His constant abundance of energy is a blessing to be around. When I first started calisthenics with Arleigh it was so much fun yet super challenging. It was a new way of training to me and very unique. I made sure I was there, even if it meant leaving a little earlier from university at the time! He instilled a determination and addiction I didn’t even know I could have in training. 

Training became something I never wanted to miss. It was an exciting part of my day, the part I looked forward to the most. We would spend hours in the gym training and pushing one another to the extremes, then we would speak about goals, about life and more. It was a family Arleigh had created and it was such a special time. Everyone witnessed each other improving and it was really motivating and positive to be around.

After some time of doing Arleigh’s Bartendaz classes, he suggested I try some weight training with him. 

We started heavy lifting and I fell in love with it. He saw strength in me that I didn’t see before and I was really determined to make him and myself proud. He taught me a lot about self belief and hard work through training. I never thought I could squat, deadlift or bench as heavy as I did. I never thought I would be able to do 10 strict (and I mean strict!) pull ups or 40 deep push ups without stopping. He pushed me to the extreme because he saw more in me than I could in myself.

For Arleigh Its all about his students and not his own ego. He really just wants to see everyone thrive in every way possible and training is just the beginning. Selfless in his energy, time and knowledge. He is determined to bring out the best in everyone and through this he has created a movement, a family and a lifestyle.

Thank you Coach! 

Steve Christophi

Steve Christophi

Steve Christophi


Arleigh and his body and barz movement is the reason I joined Gymbox around 8 years ago.

 I saw Bartendaz session on the class schedule and always wanted to try this class, upon arriving for the 1st class i saw a coach who not only knew what he was talking about but really wanted you to get the best out of his  sessions . Other classes you see instructors/coaches  just get payed to teach,  but with Arleigh he wanted you to succeed and would push you, but at the same time encourage you and as well as  show  how   strong you  are,  it’s   just  about unlocking that ability. 

In all fairness that is now the only class I do and its purely because of Arliegh and his teaching methods and knowledge of  mastering the  basics  fundamentals of  calisthenics. 

He is 53 years strong and he will out rep anybody on the bar no  matter the  age. I have followed his movement from Bartendaz to Body & Barz and now  his  community program  T.h.u.g.s London.

He’s  true legend   in  this  industry.   Streetwise  and it shows what he is doing  works. 1st hand I’ve  seen  how  many  lives  he’s  changed.

 Big inspiration to all that have  had  the  chance to  be  coached by  him, you’ll  see how just from the volume of  attendants in his classes . I can say I'm very happy I went into that 1st session as it changed the way I train indefinitely. 

He isn’t just a coach anymore he’s a friend and someone I train with outside his  sessions,  I’ve also met a whole new family ,The  Barz Crew 

Thanks Coach 

Together Everyone Achieves 


Harjet Cheema

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Announce coming events


When I first started  Body&Barz  (Bartendaz  Class)) it was because I wanted to achieve one of the things I’d always wanted at the gym, a pull-up. Little did I know that 3 years later in my late 30’s I’d be physically in the best shape I’ve been for years, doing multiple pull-ups and more, and that’s testament to all the work Arleigh does with his training and mentoring.   

Little did I know that the last 3 years would be some of the toughest I faced from a professional perspective, but even at the toughest times, I looked forward to Arleigh classes. Arleigh hasn’t just changed me physically, he’s changed my mentality to one that keeps pushing for another rep, whether that be at the gym or out there in the everyday world. 

We do only 8 core moves and I’ve trained with Arleigh for 3 years now and even now there’s something new to learn, it's astonishing the passion Arleigh brings to every class, making them feel fresh. He creates a team spirit which has led me to some great friendships. 

Ultimately the last 3 years of work with Arleigh have strengthened my body, my mind, my friendships, my career, and my spirit. As others have said I can hear Arleigh saying ‘No excuses” constantly, and those extra inches lead to wins. Here’s to more work, and more success!

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