Body & Barz offers both functional fitness classes, nutrition advice/planning and mentoring workshops across London. We aim to equip you with the knowledge and skills to be confident in both independent training  in addition to the added service of building you up mentally to reach all your desired aspirations. 


Ako Beatz is a well respected and honored name within the music industry and has been founded since 1995. The brand focuses on producing beats within the Jungle/Dnb sound and has released tracks with some of the best artists in the industry such as Goldie, Marc Mac and Mantra to name a few.


Diligence is founded by an award winning creative Barber/hairdresser which has been in the industry for over 26 years. Diligence prides itself on giving each customer an unforgettable experience, Which is why they have such a strong client base that keeps on growing each year. 


Alpha Padwork was created by a multi British/European and world kickboxing champion, offering the services of a mix between boxing and self defense classes. He has many successful testimonials  to his name and is highly reputable within this industry. 


Trail blazers is a tuition company founded by an experienced/highly qualified teachers, specializing from primary right up to adult learning including sixth form and undergraduates. They focus on various areas of teaching, ranging from a wide range of subjects. 


Team Madness is a high performance training group, which focuses on OCR (obstacle course race) and ninja warrior activities. They hold frequent events  across London which has been nothing  short of a success.